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andmaybetheywontkillyou is a performative empathy experience about being poor and Black in America. Participants must journey to the local corner store in their own neighborhood while deflecting various micro-aggressions as well as harassment by law enforcement. Choose to speak out or remain silent and deal with the consequences of your choices.


andmaybetheywontkillyou was developed at UC Santa Cruz through the Games + Playable Media Graduate program, under the advisement of Brenda Romero. The title was inspired by a series of tweets by Ijeoma Oluo, and the accompanying blog post for The Stranger (linked below). The project was created in response to events that have recently become the subject of national conversation: the deaths of Black Americans as the result of police action, the subsequent protests, and in some instances, riots. Specifically the events in Ferguson, Missouri and in Baltimore, Maryland. As these events transpire, many people have taken to social media to express their thoughts and feelings. Through several public conversations, via Facebook as well as news coverage from various outlets, it became clear that many participants were unable to understand or empathize with what many Black Americans have come to know through experience. There are two Americas. andmaybetheywontkillyou was designed as an empathy-building experience, taking participants through a series of common circumstances and situations in which their usual choices may have unexpected results. The project was designed to build an understanding of this other America, with a focus on the differences that so many never notice. RainBros believes that understanding is the true path to meaningful change, and with this project the Developer hopes to generate experiences where understanding can flourish. Above referenced blog post by Ijeoma Oluo: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2014/12/03/and-maybe-they-wont-kill-you


  • Socially significant subject matter.
  • An experience designed around empathy and understanding.
  • Cosplay.




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Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieCade E3 Showcase" Los Angeles, CA, 16 June, 2015
  • "Princess of Arcade Invitee" Montreal, Canada, 21 July, 2015
  • "XOXO Festival Invitee" Portland, OR, 12 September, 2015

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About RainBros

RainBros believes that art should serve as a mirror. We wish to use our games to hold up that mirror to ourselves and to our society. We wish to reflect the beautiful, the sublime, the humorous, the sadness, the darkness, the fear, that which we want to celebrate, and that which we want to look away from. We also believe that games are among the most powerful of current media due to their interactive nature. RainBros makes games that are a mirror.

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andmaybetheywontkillyou Credits

Akira Thompson
Designer - RainBros

Brenda Romero
Advisor - UC Santa Cruz

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks